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विगत 25 वर्षक भाँति एहि वर्ष पुनः माँ चामुण्डा स्थान कँ प्रांगणमें दिनांक 16-10-2016 सँ 20-10-2016 धरि महादेव पूजाक आयाेजन कएल जा रहल अछि
  Welcome to Chamundanagar Pachahi  
  Chamunda Asthan Pachahi Temple is located at distance of 12 km. from Jhanjharpur Railway Station in Madhubani Distt. (Bihar),Jhanjharpur has direct bus / Jeep services to Chamunda Nagar Pachahi with a frequency of a bus in every 10-15 minutes. The temple is dedicated to goddess 'Maa Chamunda' and also have a temple of 'Lord Mahadev'. The surroundings of the temple provide an excellent venue for meditation, prayers and spiritual attainments. There is a pond located at the front of the temple. There have a festival called ‘Mahadev Puja’. It is started in 1990. It occurs every year very next day of ‘Kojagara’ night. It comes upon Oct. - Nov. in every year for four days. Mahadev Poojaotsav is the one of the mostillustrated Pooja in Madhubani Distt. Now it has become one of the famous pilgrim of the district, devotees from far and near comes for Darshan of Maa Chamunda daily. This is one of the most visited temples in the vicinity of our district. The temple has been designed so that the rays of the sun illuminate the sanctum.  
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